Volume 72 (2022) Issue: 2022 No#3

1. Update of Lumpy skin disease: emergence in Asian part of Eurasia

Author(s):Yuri V. Saltykov, Anna A. Kolosova, Valentina A. Feodorova

Keywords:Asia, cattle, LSD, lumpy skin disease virus, outbreaks

2. Traumatic coxofemoral luxation in cats treated with hip-toggle stabilization using the Mini TightRope® fixation system

Author(s):Roberto Tamburro, Andrea Pratesi, Fabio Carli, Francesco Collivignarelli, Amanda Bianchi, Andrea Paolini, Ilaria Falerno, Andrea De Bonis, Massimo Vignoli

Keywords:toggle pin, hip, luxation, tightrope, cat

3. Homocysteine concentration in the serum of dogs naturally infected with Leishmania spp. – association with the stage of the disease, therapy, and clinical pathology data

Author(s):Milutin Antić, Anđelo Beletić, Milena Radaković, Kristina Spariosu, Sanja Stanković, Dragiša Trailović, Milica Kovačević Filipović

Keywords:allopurinol, B vitamins, homocysteine, Leishmania spp, miltefosin

4. Clinical, pathological and molecular findings in Caprine Arthritis – Encephalitis Virus infection in Damascus goats

Author(s):Yesari Eroksuz, Mehmet Ozkan Timurkan, Burak Karabulut, Canan Akdeniz Incili, Ersoy Baydar, Aydin Cevik, Hatice Eroksuz

Keywords:Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis Virus, ELISA, goat, histopathology, PCR.

5. Spatiotemporal distributions of foot and mouth disease between 2010-2019 in Turkey

Author(s):Tuba Bayir, I. Safa Gürcan

Keywords:Foot and mouth disease, Geographic information system (GIS), Outbreak, Spatial, Temporal.

6. Impact of the plant-based natural supplement IMМUNOSTART HERB on honey bee colony performance

Author(s):Rositsa Shumkova, Ralitsa Balkanska, Delka Salkova, Peter Hristov

Keywords:Apis mellifera; herbal extract; colony strength; overwintering

7. Efficiency of two protocols of resynchronization of estrus and ovulation in high-producing dairy cows at peak lactation

Author(s):Milan Đorđević, Jovan Blagojević, Miodrag Radinović, Marko Cincović, Jelena Maletić, Mario Kreszinger, Milan Maletić

Keywords:Holstein-Friesian cow, GnRH, Prostaglandin F2α, Ovsynch, Double-Ovsynch, Progesterone

8. Optimization of a two-step centrifugation protocol for bovine platelet-rich plasma

Author(s):Mu-Young Kim, Hyun-Jung Han

Keywords:centrifugal, growth factor, platelet rich plasma, premature activation, recovery rate

9. Mammary adenoma associated with chronic mastitis in a wild boar (Sus scrofa)

Author(s):Su-Min Baek, Seoung-Woo Lee, Jin-Kyu Park

Keywords:Adenoma, fibrosis, mammary gland, mastitis, wild boar

10. Morphological and imaging features of male pseudohermaphroditism in a feral cat

Author(s):Francisco Suárez-Cabrera, Mario Encinoso, Adrian Caraballo, Manuel Morales, Juan Alberto Corbera, Francisco Rodríguez-Guisado, Carlos Melián, Jose Raduan Jaber

Keywords:disorders of sexual development; pseudohermaphroditism; ultrasound; computed tomography; cat.

11. Symmetric dimethylarginine is a promising biomarker for the early detection of age-related kidney dysfunction in Zoo felids

Author(s):Soong-Hee Youn, Ahmed K. Elfadl, Myung-Jin Chung, Eun Jung, Ki-Yong Shin, Hyeon-Joo Shin, Joon-Young Yang, Kwang-Seok Heo, Dong-Hee Chung, Jae-Hyuk Yim, Ji-Yoon Son, Eun-Joo Lee, Il-Hwa Hong, Kyu-Shik Jeong

Keywords:African lion, Bengal tiger, Symmetric dimethylarginine (SDMA)

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