Volume 67 (2017) Issue: 2017 No#1

Renal vasography in mink (Mustela vison)

Author(s): Mrvić Verica, Avdić Rizah, Hadžiomerović Nedžad, Tandir Faruk, Prokić Branislav, Tomašević Ratko, Prokić Bogomir Bolka

Keywords:Mustela vison, mink, renal vasography, artery, veins.

This paper presents the results of the research on renal blood vessels of the mink. The main goal of this research is to provide a unique insight in renal vessel constellation and thereby contributes to the amount and quality of the available data on the cardiovascular system of the mink, since the data found in the available literature regarding this specific field is rather poorly documented. Blood vessels of the mink kidney were studied by dissection and corrosion injection technique. The renal artery and its branches, and the lobar, interlobar and interlobular arteries are terminal arteries and they do not anastomose between each other. The arterial system is characterized by two independent vascular areas, supplied by the dorsal and ventral lobar artery. Lobar arteries divide the kidney horizontally into a dorsal and ventral half, while lobar veins divide it vertically into the cranial and caudal half. The renal vein is formed from the cranial and caudal lobar vein. The obtained results are compared with relevant literature findings on renal blood supply of a dog and other sympatric carnivores.

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